If you have purchased a hosting package and you’ve got some inquiries connected with a particular feature/function, or in case you’ve confronted some predicament and you need support, you should be able to get in touch with the respective client care team. All hosting providers use a ticketing system no matter if they provide other methods of contacting them aside from it or not, due to the fact that the most effective way to fix an issue most often is to open a ticket. This method of communication renders the replies sent by both sides easy to track and permits the client service team representatives to escalate the issue in case, for instance, a system administrator should intervene. Usually, the ticketing system is part of the billing account and is not directly linked to the hosting space, which implies that you will have to use no less than 2 different accounts to touch base with the support team and to actually administer the hosting space. Incessantly signing in and out of different accounts might sometimes be a nuisance, not to mention the fact that it requires quite a while for most hosting providers to reply to the tickets themselves.

Integrated Ticketing System in Cloud Hosting

With a cloud hosting from our company, you won’t ever need to log out of your account. Our ticketing system is built into the Hepsia Control Panel, which is used to manage your entire web presence. You can easily access any trouble ticket while you’re browsing through your files or tweaking various settings. The ticketing system is being monitored 24-7-365 by our technical support staff members and the response time is no more than one hour, but it seldom takes more than twenty minutes to obtain assistance. In contrast with certain companies, we do not charge extra for using the ticketing system, so you can get in touch with us as often as you like and ask for info with regard to any billing or technical issue. You can also see a variety of informational articles, which will help you fix the most commonly met problems yourself.

Integrated Ticketing System in Semi-dedicated Servers

The Hepsia hosting Control Panel, which is included with all our Linux semi-dedicated service, was developed with the notion that you should be able to manage everything related to your semi-dedicated server account from one place and the trouble tickets aren’t an exception. Our ticketing system is integrated into the Hepsia Control Panel, so, if you have an inquiry or confront a difficulty, you can touch base with our customer support staff representatives straight away without needing to sign into a totally different admin console. You can look through your files or check different settings within your account while posting a new ticket or reading the response to an old one. In case you have an abundance of tickets and you want to find a given one, you can take advantage of the smart search option, which is available in the Help section of the Hepsia Control Panel. We guarantee that you’ll get a reply in no more than sixty minutes regardless of the essence of your query or issue.